Discover Costa Rica's Best Adventures at El Silencio Lodge & Spa

At El Silencio Lodge & Spa in Costa Rica, your gateway to the best of the country is right outside your room.  Our on-site experiences offer a taste of Costa Rica's genuine natural beauty, adventures, and warm culture—all within the bounds of our luxury hotel.

Discover and enjoy your preferred activities without the need to travel far. Whether it's immersing yourself in authentic landscapes or embarking on thrilling adventures, it's all conveniently located steps away from your accommodation.

Your favorite Costa Rican experiences await within El Silencio Lodge & Spa.

Waterfall Magic

Guided Trail Tour Revealing Three Captivating Waterfalls

Embark on an unforgettable tour through our breathtaking private trails. Guided by your Eco Concierge, traverse scenic paths tracing a pristine creek, unveiling the allure of soothing waterfalls. Immerse yourself in nature's beauty as you discover not just one, but three captivating waterfalls during this invigorating walk.

Mystic Hike

Explore Beautiful Trails and Captivating River Secrets with Your Eco-Concierge

Embark on a journey immersed in the enchantment of our winding river and exclusive trails. Guided by your Eco-Concierge, traverse pathways along a pristine creek, unveiling the secrets of the cloud forest—an extraordinary ecosystem, rare and vulnerable. Discover the delicate dance of diverse flora and fauna, underscoring the ecological significance of this elevated sanctuary.

Horseback Adventure

Saddle Up for a Scenic Horseback Adventure!

Explore the picturesque beauty of the landscape on horseback in Bajos del Toro, where a leisurely pace allows riders to absorb mist-covered mountains, the heat-etched slopes of Poas volcano, serene blue streams, and captivating waterfalls. Immerse yourself in the tranquility of nature, making every moment a scenic journey through this idyllic setting.

Adventure Park

Nature's Dare: Experience Zip-lining and Waterfall Rappelling Excitement!

Embark on an exhilarating journey! Soar over the forest on a thrilling zip-line and rappel down cascading waterfalls. Choose one or conquer both for ultimate bragging rights. These heart-pounding adventures promise an unforgettable escapade, where nature meets thrill. Let the adventurer in you revel in the unmatched excitement of zip-lining and rappelling!

Night Walk

Heed the call of the forest as sundown approaches. El Silencio’s evening hike offers a unique way to experience our natural surroundings. Attune to the night’s unique sounds and scents as your guide searches for nocturnal butterflies, amphibians, small reptiles, and other fascinating specimens.

Gorrion River Fishing

An engaging, back-to-basics option for all. The peaceful Gorrión River is teeming with rainbow trout, darting through the water in flashes of silvery color.  Follow the stream along the dense forest and enjoy a unique connection to raw nature. We provide all fishing gear. Catch & capture modality will let you enjoy your fresh trout at Las Ventanas Restaurant.

Rum Tasting & Food Pairing

Savor 25-Year Aged Elegance in a Tasting & Pairing Experience!

Indulge in the exquisite flavors of Costa Rica's globally celebrated Ron Centenario. Join our expert-guided tasting and food pairing session, highlighting the nuances of this iconic Latin American spirit. Experience the richness of a 25-year aged rum, savoring the culmination of craftsmanship and distinct tropical notes in every sip. Cheers to a refined journey into the world of exceptional rum.


Foodies will love picking their own organic veggies and herbs to prepare Costa Rica’s hearty traditional dishes with our Chef. Learning about your destination’s homespun culinary favorites is one of the best ways to connect with authentic culture and traditions.

man drinking coffee while brewing coffee

Coffee Tasting

True to its coffee hacienda legacy and commitment to experiential travel, El Silencio Lodge & Spa honors the very best of Costa Rica's highland gourmet selections.In keep with El Silencio's commitment to excellence, seven of our team members have been duly certified as Baristas!  Their knowledge and passion will delight java connoisseurs and enthusiasts as they prepare the perfect cup for every taste and occasion. Engage with our Seven Masters and expand your appreciation of coffee, its history, and intriguing nuances.

Tree Planting

Everyday is Earth Day! Plant a living legacy in Costa Rica’s carbon offsetting forests and help bring back beautiful Quetzal birds to the region. This regenerative ceremony lets you fully commune with nature and is an emotive guest favorite. Plant it as a personal gesture or on behalf of a loved one. Complimentary for guests.


El Silencio’ trails are shrouded by dense forest that awakes early to the chirps and calls of stunning birds. This guided hike seeks beautiful species including diminutive Hummingbirds, Long-tailed Silky-flycatchers, Golden-browed Chorrophonia, and the spectacular Resplendent Quetzal (May-June). Enjoy thrilling glimpses and exciting photo ops.

Mountain Biking

Forest, waterfalls, rivers & adrenaline! El Silencio Lodge & Spa features a thrilling selection of cycling routes for all levels. Enjoy stunning landscapes while challenging yourself with a little adventure. Work up an appetite and then indulge at Las Ventanas Restaurant or follow up with a relaxing massage at Esencia Spa. Three onsite routes are classified according to distance and skill: Red (7,5km), Yellow (4km), Easy (1,8 km).


Electric mountain bikes are also available for some trail adventures or to explore the local community of Bajos del Toro.

Cocktail Class 

Fun at Toro Bohemio! Our bartender will help you master the art of mixology by helping you create four craft cocktails featuring select ingredients. Shake, mix, and sample! Will you be the next star mixologist? One-hour classes held every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at 4:00 pm.

a woman tasting various red and white wines

Wine Tasting

Our Sommelier will take you on a fantastic wine lover’s journey. Learn about wine’s origins, grape varieties, growing conditions, and unexpected challenges. Includes a wine-pairing session, highlighted by a fun tasting session savoring wine varieties against elemental flavors to better illustrate the fine art of selecting the perfect wine for your favorite dishes.

Oxcart Painting

Embrace your inner artist through local culture. Learn traditional oxcart painting techniques from Kenneth, Eco-Concierge and local Master. Bold strokes and kaleidoscopic patterns create one of Costa Rica’s most emblematic and colorful crafts. Kenneth will guide you as your create your own beautiful oxcart mandala of nature-inspired motifs. Perfect to frame and take home as a special memento of your getaway.