El Silencio Waterfalls Trail: Onsite Trail

A switchback adventure along the Mystery Trail.  Departing from the Reception Area, the route mixes ascents and descents as it borders the Gorrión River on its way to the three on-property waterfalls.  Although the altimetry is not as challenging, the trail is rocky and muddy.  Overall, it is a fun way to experience the forest.

  • Total Distance: 4.5Km (2.8 miles)
  • This route may be completed on an e-bike or a non-suspension bicycle.
  • Cyclist Profile:  Fun for All
  • Duration: About 60 minutes

Cyclist Profile Newbie (with some experience):

Knows how to use gears for efficient pedaling and safe braking.

 Comfortable spending 2 - 3 hours on the bike.

 May recur to pushing the bike over certain challenging sections.

 Rides at least twice a month.