El Silencio Challenge: Cross Country Onsite Trail

This circuit includes some very technical sections. It features a variety of ascents and descents, including intense downhill sections. The terrain is rocky and presents a good amount of mud. The trail crosses the forest and meanders along the banks of the Gorrión River.

The starting point is at the entrance of the hotel’s Reception area and crosses an open grassy field. The trail gradually turns into a technical route that mixes ascents, descents, and a few steep downhills.

The first stage of the route passes through several water springs, bridges and scenic viewpoints. It proceeds along the Mystery Trail, a path that showcases glimpses of the Gorrión River on its way to the three onsite waterfalls. It is quite wide for most of the way and crosses several rustic bridges. Expect a fair amount of mud and rocks. The Mystery Trail then meets the Melody Trail, a very technical route that stands out for several steep descents on a narrow path featuring exposed rocks and visible roots. This adventurous path then connects with the hotel’s main road leading back to the starting point.

  • Total Distance: 7.5Km (4.7 miles)
  • Recommended for dual-suspension bikes.
  • Cyclist Profile: Advanced
  • Duration: About 2 hours


Cyclist Profile: Advanced

 Feels at home riding over any terrain.

 Was practically born on a bike!

 Rides 2-3 times a week or more.

You can comfortably ride up and down steep slopes for as long as needed.  The more mud, loose stones, and roots the better!