Disconnect to Reconnect

Esencia Spa is a unique luxury spa and wellness sanctuary that lets you enjoy the best of Costa Rica’s natural healing ingredients in an enchanting hotel destination. The sound of flowing water, whispering breezes, nourishing earth, and the primal flicker of candles converge in harmony for relaxing massages and nourishing body wraps. Standout spa features include the al fresco Yoga Deck and the Conical Room, designed to channel the Costa Rican cloud forest’s essential life energy.

Select one of our signature treatments or create your package that incorporates a selection of herbs, fruits and seeds from our organic greenhouse. Treatments include nail services, massage and facials. In-room spa services are also offered.

couple receiving spa treatment
woman getting stone massge

Ultimate Revival

Within the spa, open-air treatment rooms with heated beds welcome in the beauty of Costa Rica. The sound of leaves dancing in the breeze, flowing water from our nearby creek and the aromas of the nourishing earth create an ambiance of ultimate revival. 

bowl of oranges on table