Swedish Massage 

60 min $110 | 90 min $150Treatment to relieve whole body stress that utilizes meditation techniques from the Trager method approach as well as soft passes stimulating body flow


Rainforest Aromatherapy 

60 min $110 | 90 min $150: Deeply relaxing treatment which combines soft to medium pressure techniques to stimulate the senses through the application of essences


Deep Tissue Massage 

60 min $110 | 90 min $150: Treatment that seeks to relieve body tension through a stretching session


Heated Stones Massage

90 min $150: Treatment that through the thermic benefits of the heated volcanic stones, provides us with wellness and harmony


Massage for Moms to Be

60 min $150: Relaxing treatment that seeks the mother’s wellness by unblocking the body’s tension


Upper Body Massage 

30 min $70 | 45 min $90 | 60 min $110: Comforting treatment focused on the upper body that focuses on pain points, muscle relief and fatigue


Clay Miracle Massage 

60 min $110 | 90 min $150: Purifying and relaxing treatment with all the benefits of Costa Rican volcanic clay eliminating toxins and impurities


Chocolate Massage 

60 min $120: Firming and hydrating body treatment, through a soft massage obtain the benefits of chocolate


Thai Massage 

90 min $150: Treatment based on the curative art of passive yoga, using passive stretches combined with pressure over the muscles and orientating energy lines.


Horario de 11:00 am a 7:00pm