External MTB Route: El Silencio - Río Segundo

This switchback route combines asphalt and gravel roads with difficult stretches that make it only suitable for experienced cyclists. The hotel is the departure point before heading towards the MINAE Station in the Juan Castro Blanco National Park (better known as the National Water Park). The ride crosses the rural community of Los Bajos del Toro Amarillo and provides an excellent opportunity to enjoy the cultural landscape.

Past the town's soccer plaza, we veer left towards Río Segundo. The 2-kilometer (1.25 miles) route to the MINAE Station takes you through dairy farms and gravel roads until you reach the entrance to the National Park.  Prepare for a steep ascent over a paved surface.  Just before reaching the MINAE Station there are several descents over a mud road, but these are not too technical. Past the Station, the ride crosses a bridge that leads to the Río Segundo Lagoon, the route’s endpoint. Just before arriving, you have to negotiate a steep ascent on a loose gravel path. This is the most technical and demanding part! From the Lagoon, we retrace the path back to the hotel.

  • Total Distance: 12 Km                                              
  • Recommended for bikers who bring their own bicycle.  Car escort service is available.
  • Cyclist Profile: Intermediate and Advanced
  • Duration: About 2 hours

Cyclist Profile: Intermediate and Advanced

Has owned an MTB bike for at least 2 years 

 Knows how to use gears to pedal efficiently, brake safely, and overcome obstacles.

 Can ride up and down moderate slopes on rugged trails or trails but prefers to get off the bike to sort challenging portions like steep gradients or exposed roots.