Mountain Biking

Forest, waterfalls, rivers & adrenaline! El Silencio Lodge & Spa features a thrilling selection of cycling routes for all levels. From traditional mountain bikes to e-bikes you will find the perfect fit. Enjoy stunning landscapes while challenging yourself with a little adventure. Work up an appetite and then indulge at Las Ventanas Restaurant or follow up with a relaxing massage at Esencia Spa.



Pump a little MTB adrenaline! El Silencio Lodge & Spa features onsite trails and access to offsite paths to explore and enjoy. Four different routes offer suitable alternatives for all skill levels. Choose your difficulty level and distance and pedal away to your heart's content

Waterfalls Trail (2.8 miles)

A switchback adventure along the Mystery Trail. Departing from the Reception Area, the route mixes ascents and descents as it borders the Gorrión River on its way to the three on-property waterfalls. Although the altimetry is not as challenging, the trail is rocky and muddy. Overall, it is a fun way to experience the forest.

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Cross Country Trail  (7.8 miles)

Suitable for most level. It features a variety of ascents and descents, including intense downhill sections. The terrain is rocky and presents a good amount of mud. The Trail crosses the forest and meanders along the banks of the Gorrión River.

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Río Agrio Trail (7.6 miles)

A switchback route through asphalt, gravel, and challenging single tracks that make it dreamy for experienced cyclists.

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Río Segundo MTB Route

This switchback route combines asphalt and gravel roads with difficult stretches that make it only suitable for experienced cyclists. he ride crosses the rural community of Los Bajos del Toro Amarillo

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