Eat & Drink

Flavor the Restaurants of Costa Rica

Food is an essential part of the guest experience at El Silencio Lodge & Spa. Our healthy dining takes the best of Costa Rican cuisine and showcases the flavors, culture and culinary skills of the finest home-cooks and restaurants in Costa Rica.

Our goal is to create harmony between nature and food. That’s why Las Ventanas Restaurant features a seasonal menu designed around our organic farm and greenhouse. We select the freshest, most flavorful and nutrient-rich ingredients from our farm throughout the year to offer the best dishes that highlight Costa Rican produce at its peak freshness.

Las Ventanas Restaurant

Las Ventanas Restaurant is one of the best and most unique garden-to-table dining destination in Costa Rica.

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Toro Bohemio Bar

Warm, inviting and relaxing: Toro Bohemio Bar is the perfect place to unwind after an adventurous day of exploring.

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restaurant near river

Rancho Orquideas Private Dining

One of our guests' favorite experience: we invite you to enjoy an enchanting lunch on a private covered-deck overlooking the Gorrión River.

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Executive Chef

Robert Álvarez Pianto’s culinary background is rooted in his Peruvian-Italian ancestry, his unbridled passion for learning, and his signature dynamic approach to high-end cuisine.  Professionally known as Pianto, Robert was born in Chincha a land of agrarian Haciendas in Peru’s Ica region.  Faithful to Peru’s cultural syncretism, Chincha exposed Robert to a bold tapestry of Spanish, Italian, Indigenous, and African influences. 

 His love for the culinary arts can be traced to his maternal grandparent’s little bodega in Chincha, a local favorite for tasty peruvian dishes.  His formal training took place in Lima’s D’Gallia Gastronomy Institute, one of the country’s top culinary schools.  In Tenerife, Spain he earned a post-graduate degree in Sustainable Gastronomy and honed his talent at the venerable Gran Hotel Bahía del Duque.  Themed dinners, author cuisine, and wine pairing rounded his formal education with the unique skills demanded by an upscale resort setting. 


As the new Executive Chef of El Silencio Lodge & Spa, he is drawing from his rich international experience to reinvent the menu.  He is sure to surprise and delight palates who embrace playful innovation, a daring take on traditions, and bespoke plating. 

Harvest to the Table

Our 5,000-square-foot organic greenhouse ensures year-round access to colorful vegetables, fragrant spices and delicate herbs. Free-range chickens provide morning-fresh eggs, while our trout ponds are a fun place for guests to catch their own main course. This wholesome, back-to-roots experience enhances the primal connection to nature that places the El Silencio Lodge & Spa dining experience on par with the best restaurants in Costa Rica.

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