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Eat & Drink

Flavor the Restaurants of Costa Rica

Food is an essential part of the guest experience at El Silencio Lodge & Spa. Our healthy dining takes the best of Costa Rican cuisine and showcases the flavors, culture and culinary skills of the finest home-cooks and restaurants in Costa Rica.

Our goal is to create harmony between nature and food. That’s why Las Ventanas Restaurant features a seasonal menu designed around our organic farm and greenhouse. We select the freshest, most flavorful and nutrient-rich ingredients from our farm throughout the year to offer the best dishes that highlight Costa Rican produce at its peak freshness.

chairs and tables in a spacious room

Las Ventanas Restaurant

Las Ventanas Restaurant is one of the best and most unique farm-to-table dining destination in Costa Rica.

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Toro Bohemio Bar

Warm, inviting and relaxing, Toro Bohemio Bar is the perfect place to unwind after an adventurous day of exploring.

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a building in the woods with tall glass windows

Rancho Orquideas Private Dining

One of our guests’ favorite onsite activities, we invite you to enjoy an enchanting lunch on a private covered-deck overlooking the Gorrión River.

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plant nursery
chicken coop
herbs growing

Harvest to the Table

Our 5,000-square-foot organic greenhouse ensures year-round access to colorful vegetables, fragrant spices and delicate herbs. Free-range chickens provide morning-fresh eggs, while our trout ponds are a fun place for guests to catch their own main course. This wholesome, back-to-roots experience enhances the primal connection to nature that places the El Silencio Lodge & Spa dining experience on par with the best restaurants in Costa Rica.

Relax & Reflect

The Las Ventanas dining room is framed by floor-to-ceiling windows offering soothing forest views for breakfast and lunch. In the evening, the fireplace and candlelit tables create a warm and inviting ambiance. It’s the perfect restaurant for relaxing, reflecting on your day and taking part in a joyful celebration of Costa Rica’s culinary traditions.

restaurant dining room with floor to celing windows
dining table next to window
restaurant dining room with floor to celing windows