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December 2013

"The lodge is positioned on 500 acres of private land and is made up of just 16 suites. Each suite, a private cabin staggered up the mountain overlooking uninterrupted views of the vast scenery of the cloud forest. Vast king size beds are lined with soft white sheets where a hot water bottle is tucked each night before you arrive to your room. Floor to ceiling glass doors overlook the private viewing deck and secluded n’ steamy hot tub." 

Andrew Harper's Hideaway Report

San Jose, Costa Rica. August 16, 2013

Grupo Islita’s El Silencio Lodge & Spa and Hotel Punta Islita showcased as exemplary for upscale travelers who are considering Costa Rica as a vacation spot.

With the inclusion of El Silencio Lodge & Spa in luxury travel authority Andrew Harper’s August Hideaway Report, Grupo Islita’s two properties have been highlighted as superlative destinations for experienced premium travelers, noting excellence in service, breathtaking natural settings and landscapes, and signature experiences.

Launched in 1979, Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report is an independent newsletter that curates the world’s best hotels, evaluating them through incognito visits. The publication does not accept advertising, complimentary services, or discounted accommodations. Subscribed to by tens of thousands of affluent travelers, the Hideaway Report is highly respected for its unbiased, experiential, and timely reviews and insights.

Grupo Islita’s CEO, Mr. Gustavo Segura, remarked "High-end travelers seek immersion experiences in settings that are both culturally authentic and environmentally healthy. These scrupulous sophisticates value comfort and luxury, but do not want to sacrifice the destination’s true character and welfare. El Silencio Lodge & Spa and Hotel Punta Islita are ideally suited to showcase Costa Rica’s happiness mantra while reaching the high service standards demanded by Andrew Harper’s Hideaway Report!"

Grupo Islita is a leading Costa Rican luxury hotel development and management company. Its signature commitment to corporate social responsibility fosters cultural authenticity, economic opportunity, and environmental stewardship.

Inaugurated in 2008, El Silencio Lodge & Spa is a sixteen-suite natural immersion eco-destination. Embedded in a 500 acre private cloud forest reserve, it is flanked by two national parks in Costa Rica’s central volcanic valley.

Hotel Punta Islita is a secluded Costa Rican beach resort set along the Nicoya Peninsula’s open-ocean coastline. Inaugurated in 1994, it is globally recognized for its award-winning responsible tourism program emphasizing community development programs, art, and education.

Living Large in Costa Rica -CNN

"Not so long ago, Costa Rica was a backpacker's game.  Other than a few business-class hotels in the capital of San José and a handful of isolated luxury properties scattered about the scenic hinterlands, travelers could expect little in the way of genuine comfort while exploring one of the most beautiful and eco-conscious countries on the planet.
Over the past decade, however, Costa Rica's fastest-growing crop has been a collection of opulent hotels and resort communities, complemented by marinas, golf courses, gourmet restaurants, hot springs and other world-class facilities."